Two strangers, brought together by unlikely circumstances, discover each others hidden secrets.

"Keepsake" (Short Film) 

Writer and Director - Helena Coan


Producer - Ryan Bennett

Keepsake is Written and Directed by Helena Coan. Starring Patsy Ferran (God's Own Country) and Alan Williams (The Crown)

A young woman stealing booze for her abusive boyfriend stops to help an elderly man to get home, unaware of a life-changing discovery that awaits her. Keepsake is a brief snapshot into the worlds of two very different people.

Ordinarily these characters would walk straight past each other, without any consideration of the realities that they are both living. On a still night, in this nameless town, fate concedes that they do meet each other, and the repercussions of this introduction allow for a cathartic experience that both characters so desperately needed. We want toremind audiences that the kindness of strangers does still exist.